Joe Pagetta

Joe Pagetta

Freelance Writer and Essayist

Director of Community Initiatives for Community Foundation of Middle TN; former Media Relations Dir for Nashville Pub TV. Reader, Writer, Cooker, Eater, Bike Rider.

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Chapter 16

Personal Essay | Chapter 16 | Thank You for Your Song

What do we owe the writers who get us through our darkest days?

Chapter 16 is A Community of Tennessee Writers, Readers & Passersby

Clean vibes article

Nonprofit | | In its 15th Year, Bonnaroo Continues its Focus on Sustainability and Community

Working with Clean Vibes is only one facet of Bonnaroo’s sustainability efforts. The Festival has an onsite solar array, paid for with a fee added on to tickets, that generates energy and offsets the festival’s carbon footprint. Perfectly good food is collected from food vendors and donated to the Grundy County Food Bank and other local organizations.

Lcohen article

Personal Essay | Medium | The Only Poem on My Wall Was a Leonard Cohen Poem

In a second floor apartment in a non-descript building on a street in the Heights section of Jersey City, on a wall likely hidden under coats of paint, is “The Only Poem” by Leonard Cohen. That is its title. “The Only Poem.” I know it’s there — unless, of course, the building has been knocked down or gutted — because I painted it. It was big, maybe three feet wide and five feet tall. I painted it with a small watercolor paintbrush and blue wall paint, starting at about 2 a.m. and finishing about 6 a.m.

Belcourt posters article

Arts | | The Belcourt's New Body Takes Shape

The Belcourt Theatre always had a heart bigger than its body. That’s why in the fall, when Nashville’s nonprofit cinema announced The Belcourt Campaign, a $5 Million capital campaign to renovate its aging building, filmgoers and other supporters rejoiced. The heart of the Belcourt would finally get the body it deserved.

Couch article
Chapter 16

Personal Essay | Chapter 16 | Sleeping on Couches

For some people, couches are badges of honor, souvenirs of a hitchhiking trip across America or partying all night and crashing at a friend’s apartment. For others, they’re battle scars, emblems of ye...

Open uri20140305 30166 7w5tkd article
Chapter 16

Personal Essay | Chapter 16 | Two Wheels and the Truth: What if, instead of cyclists, drivers saw people on bikes?

Knowing I’d be holding baby Sophia in a few short miles made the strenuous, blind-curve, no-shoulder climb going north over Backbone Ridge that much easier. It’s never been entirely easy. I remember the first time I tried to do it, five years ago. I couldn’t.

Scene article
Nashville Scene

Personal Essay | Nashville Scene | When your mother becomes someone you recognize less and less, and vice versa

My mother told me the other day that she hated me. It was not the strangest or most surprising thing she has done lately. My mother has taken to referring to me in the third person. Which makes all he...

Initaly article
Chapter 16

Personal Essay | Chapter 16 | In Italy: A troubled father and son find each other on a train in the home country

We met on Franklin Street in the Heights section of Jersey City. It was the night before I moved to Nashville, and my father had asked me to meet him at the club where he frequently played cards with ...

Open uri20140513 27030 7cull0 article
Nashville Arts Magazine

Arts | Nashville Arts Magazine | My Life Before: A Story of War and Refuge ...

Nashville Arts Magazine | My Life Before: A Story o...

117917 nashville arts kaws down time at the high museum of art article
Nashville Arts Magazine

Arts | Nashville Arts | KAWS: DOWN TIME at the High Museum of Art

If there's a word that best describes the work of KAWS (Brian Donnelly), it would be collaboration.

Open uri20140618 2894 1fhvkw9 article
Nashville Arts Magazine

Personal Essay | Nashville Arts Magazine | Guest Blog: Art That Whispers from the ...

Nashville Arts Magazine | Guest Blog: Art That Whis...

Open uri20140513 1534 jzzima article
Nashville Arts Magazine

Arts | Nashville Arts Magazine | Galen Fott An Animated Life

by Joe Pagetta
It’s what you find, and what you do ...

Open uri20130405 20722 19gibpe article
Nashville Arts Magazine

Arts | Nashville Arts | Duran Bunch: A Model Soldier

Short profile and preview of Nashvillian Duran Bunch, who left a privileged life as a top runway model to join our forces in Afghanistan. He took his gun and his camera with him.

Open uri20130111 22175 sksr37 article
Nashville Arts Magazine

Music | Nashville Arts | Thom Chacon, An Innocent Man

Thom Chacon may not be a Nashvillian, but his respect for the story and the song, and his almost reverential approach to its delivery in performance and on record, would make him right at home among M...

Open uri20121210 2853 1sqco80 article
Nashville Arts Magazine

Arts | Nashville Arts | Bill Killebrew

By Joe Pagetta
The Paintings of Bill Killebrew is on view at the Parthenon until January 26, 2013.
Sun Porch 2012, Oil on panel, 14 3/4′ x 24′
While “non-objective art” is a type of art that owes its ...